Superior Flooring & Staircase Installations

Classic Hardwood Flooring Inc

Classic Hardwood Flooring Inc provides flooring and staircase installations and upgrades in the Greater Charlotte area. For the last three decades, we have been the trusted hardwood company. Our expert team is knowledgeable and provides high-quality work.

We have worked across various kinds of homes.

Attractive Refinishing

One of the most attractive features of hardwood floors is that you can make them new again by refinishing them. The process of refinishing hardwood flooring, when professionally done, brings the original beauty and shine back to your old floors.

Classic Hardwood Flooring Inc

Best Materials

We make use of high-grade wood, steel, and aluminum products for installations. Our experts ensure that you get durable installations. With our superior workmanship, we ensure that the work is meticulously completed within time.

Classic Hardwood Flooring Inc provides quality hardwood flooring at competitive prices.